Discover your Data with our Market Leading Solution, Categorise structured and unstructured data using AI and ML. Data Discovery and Classification Solution | Seers

Smooth Data Transition

Transit manual process to AI-driven processes

Data Discovery

Discover Structured & Unstructured Data Bases

DPIA & DSAR Automation

Initiate DPIA and automate DSAR

Modernize Your Data Mapping

Data Mapping is an integral part of privacy compliance and data protection. At the early stages,
manually managing the spreadsheets have limitations to address the privacy and compliance
requirements. It intelligently addresses the issues in discovering and updating records. Seers AI-
Powered Data Mapping Solution enables the organizations to customarily integrate and migrate
from manual procedures to the modernized AI framework for automation.


Information Collection

Migrate Data from contemporary systems into the
secure dashboard for taking Privacy based decisions.
Rigorously encapsulate extensive details about the
Data Subjects and Processing Activities.

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Data Inventory

Maintain a unified Data Inventory of different
data assets and their processing activities.
Visualisation of across the border transfers and

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Mining & Scanning

Continuous monitoring of any property change and
discovering new data sets. Real-time effects in the
inventory to operationalise Privacy by design.

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DPIA & DSAR Automation

Initiate Data Protection Impact Assessments based on the AI Algorithms and risk possessed by any update or existing data processing activities.
Automate your Subject Access Requests (SAR’s)
through abruptly managed Data Inventory.

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